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  • 24 Hour Instant Online Quote Generation for Customers.
  • 24 Hour Instant Online Order Submission for Customers.
  • 24 Hour Access to Order Tracking Information via the Customer Gateway.
  • Customer Login Area (retrieve all account information, order profiles, order status, and real time tracking information).
  • Instant Email Confirmations for both Online Quotes and Orders.
  • Employee Login Area.
  • Generate Real Time Quotes/Orders for Telephone Inquiries.
  • Manage Customer Quotes, Orders, and Relationships.
  • Over 7000 already Predefined Terminal Cities.
  • Manage all Surrounding Terminal Locations by specifying Zip Code Additional Fees.
  • Over 56,000 Already Predefined Cities Available for Your Calculation of Door to Door Shipping Services.
  • Over 1200 Already Predefined Vehicle Makes/Models for Your Company Use.
  • Manage Fees for Order Initial Deposits (COD Shipments) and the Fees Associated with the Varying Sizes of Vehicles.
  • Instant Order Notification for Employees.
  • Manage Employees. (Grant and Deny Access)
  • Update Status and Tracking Information for each Order via the Employee Login Area.
  • Comprehensive Statistics and Reporting.
  • 128-bit Secure Transaction Encryption.
  • Hosted and managed at our Internet Data Centers (IDC's), connected to the Internet via four (4) redundant OC-48 circuits that connect to a OC 192 Tier 1 Internet Backbone.

Additional Custom Features:

  • Online Credit Card Processing for Orders.
  • Car Carrier Manager (Add all of your Car Carriers to the System and Track the Carrier for Each Order)
  • Advanced Customer Management Features.
  • Financial/Billing Module.
  • Marketing Referral Manager (Statistics and Detailed Information about Where Your Customers are Coming From.
  • International Shipping Capabilities.

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