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JatLearn System

eLearning is finally actualizing its potential through the Jatcn JaSG eLearning platform. Now companies and organizations of all sizes and types have the ability to deploy enterprise level learning management software solutions that adapt directly to their content and business structure. With its vast capabilities to display media of all types ( web/html, streaming video, standard image file formats, and flash media), JaSG is easily deployed over your company intranet or internet systems.

With its architecture based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, JaSG embodies the latest in technological superiority with its rapid deployment and easy integration of pre-formatted content. Within the core of the JaSG architecture is the integration of an feature that allows for the use of a neural engine (Artificial Intelligence Engine) to create a "knowledge cube" from unorganized or legacy data that eliminates the need for manual formatting of content cutting down on tremendous product delivery time.

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